Breaker Retro-Fits

Upgrade your Southwestern Ontario based switchgear with 3L2R's latest breaker retro-fit technology, which incorporates many of our electrical equipment electrician's talents including design, precision work, field service and commissioning. Our breaker retro-fits are a very cost-effective and creative solution that extends the life of your existing feeder circuit / switchboard, and improves their safety and dependability. Our breaker retro-fits will also:

  • Provide quick turnarounds
  • Minimize transformation
  • Reduce production time loss
  • Decrease investment costs by avoiding civil works and station cabling

To get started on your organizations breaker retro-fits, just forward us a description of your existing equipment and we'll promptly provide you a quote on the viable options and cost. The following details are necessary for providing standard breaker retro-fit solutions:

  • Serial number and technical information from the breaker data label
  • Pictures of all four sides of the breaker
  • Breaker inner compartment pictures
  • Breaker panel schematic diagrams
  • Dimensional data for the relevant feeder(s)

Contact the experienced team at 3L2R for more information about our Southwestern Ontario breaker retro-fits services, and discover just how we can help you and your company to modernize your switchgear!

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