Electrical Equipment Refurbishment

Many projects require effective solutions for electrical expansions or upgrades, but may face the challenge of having to do so on a limited budget. 3L2R offers in-house electrical equipment refurbishment services for just these situations in Southern Ontario. As a component of our custom electrical fabrication services, our electrical equipment refurbishment technicians can design and construct tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our electrical equipment refurbishment facility is completely equipped to enable us to refurbish electrical equipment to look and work like new and prolong its life expectancy, while eliminating the need to purchase costly new equipment so that you can stay within budget.

With every electrical equipment refurbishment project we undertake, electrical equipment is tested, CSA approved and warrantied according to product requirements and specifications. Additional testing can be completed so as to meet our customer's unique specifications. To learn more about 3L2R's electrical equipment refurbishment services, or our other range of custom electrical fabrication service offerings across Southern Ontario, please get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced electrical equipment refurbishment team.

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