Transformer Oil Services

When handled improperly, transformer oil can be harmful to our environment, and to public health. Should your transformer require draining or refilling, rely on 3L2R for the safest and most dependable on-site transformer oil services in the electrical products and electrical services industry. Our professional staff have worked very hard to perfect our transformer oil services (as well as our other electrical services), so as to provide you with the best possible results for your organization. 3L2R's adept electrical equipment technicians and transportation logistics department will ensure that your small or large quantity transformer oil is safely drained and transported to any destination within Southern Ontario.

For municipal, commercial, industrial, institutional or utility facilities that require additional transformer oil service consideration, 3L2R utilizes a portable spill containment berm, allowing for our trucks or tankers full volume to remain intact in the event of an emergency rupture or spill. Our highly skilled transformer oil services experts will deliver your transformer oil to a certified environmental service facility, where it will be treated and refined to produce new high quality transformer oil, or permanently disposed of in a secure environment. 3L2R specializes in providing cost-effective and ecologically sensitive transformer oil services that will save your organization much needed time and money. For further information on 3L2R's transformer oil services, or any of the other electrical services we offer throughout Southern Ontario, please browse our website or give us a call with any questions you may have. Discover how your company will be making a wise and industry compliant financial and environmental choice by selecting 3L2R for all of your transformer oil services.

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